The basic teachings of Buddhism

Four Noble Truths
a. The world is full of suffering.
b. All suffering has a cause: desire, ignorance and attachment.
c. Suffering can be removed by destroying its cause.
d. In order to end suffering, one must follow the Eightfold Path.




The Eightfold Path

a. Right View: It is to understand that the world is filled with sorrow generated by desire. The ending of desire will lead to the nirvana.
b. Right Aim: It is to avoid the enjoyment of the senses and luxury, thus, aiming to love humanity and increase the happiness of others.
c. Right Speech: It seeks to emphasize the speaking of truth always.
d. Right Action: To perform unselfish action.
e. Right Livelihood: To live by honest means.
f. Right Effort: Through correct mental exercise to control one’s senses so as to prevent bad thoughts.
g. Right Mindfulness: The body is impermanent and meditation is the means for the removal of worldly evils.
h. Right Concentration: It will lead to peace and unravel the real truth.